CRM Software - Loyalty Manager

The purpose of business is to ultimately create and keep a customer! Our loyalty solution helps you to do just that. Fantastic set of tools and features that can support various types of loyalty programs.
Powerful cloud-based solution fully powered by Oracle.

CRM Software - Loyalty Manager comes with 3 powerful modules to support marketers on running their loyalty programs, namely, loyalty manager, member portal and dashboard. Our solution is 80% out-of-the-box and requires only 20% configuration and customization, based on the specific needs of an organization.

Loyalty Manager

Key Features

  • Set-up loyalty tiers.
  • Set-up bonus tiers.
  • Set-up promos and loyalty specials.
  • Manage member enrolment.
  • Manage points processing.
  • Manage redemptions.
  • Manage content for mobile app and website.
  • Manage member communications using sms, e-mail, push notifications and telemarketing.
  • Manage data interfaces for sales transaction files, POS, mobile app, end user portal etc.

Member Portal

Key Features

  • Members can track their latest points.
  • Members can view the various rewards.
  • Members can track points/sales needed to reach next reward tier.
  • Members can redeem their rewards.
  • Personalized messaging for members based on behavioral triggers.


Key Features

  • Access to a powerful dashboard with 6 standard reports. 
  • Interactive reports that can be downloaded to Excel, CSV, PDF etc.
  • Drill down filters by date range, campaigns and customer segments.




What You Get

  • Fully hosted solution
  • 80% out of the box
  • 20% configuration
  • 8-10 weeks lead time*
  • All-in licensing & maintenance
  • Training provided
  • Support help desk provided
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