Loyalty Management Services

Loyalty is one of our core offerings. We offer exciting card-based and cardless loyalty solutions that are guaranteed to move the needle on your customer loyalty.

We manage your loyalty program end-to-end, including and not limited to:

Development of loyalty strategy

  • Understand your business objectives.
  • Fact-based understanding of your target audience based on quantitative and qualitative findings.
  • Develop your loyalty strategy and tactics.
  • Develop ROI forecast and key metrics.

Set-up of STARDriverĀ® Loyalty Manager

  • Set-up of data interfaces with Client databases, POS terminals, website and mobile app for processing sales transactions and member rewards.
  • Set-up loyalty tiers and business rules for earning and redeeming rewards.
  • Set-up promotions module.
  • Set-up redemption tracking.
  • Set-up dashboard tracking.  

Develop Mobile App/Website

  • Configure our cutting-edge loyalty app solution to drive member enrolment, on-going engagement and results tracking.

Provision of project management services to:

  • Track member enrolment.
  • Ensure accuracy of points processing or other transactional criteria.
  • Track member redemptions.
  • Publish weekly content onto the mobile app and website.
  • Drive member communications and call to action.
  • Analyze and track member behavior.
  • Manage 3rd parties.
  • Provide program reporting and analysis.

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