CRM Sorftware - Help Desk

Log and track every customer enquiry! A dream tool for call centres that is user-friendly, practical and delivers maximum operational efficiency. Powerful cloud-based solution fully powered by Oracle.

CRM Software - Help Desk comes with 3 powerful modules to support help desk agents, supervisors and senior management. Our solution is 80% out-of-the-box and requires only 20% configuration and customization, based on the specific needs of an organization.


Help Desk Agent

Key Features

  • Display of caller ID.
  • Search criteria for easy retrieval of customer details.
  • Create and view tickets at customer level and not just at ticket level.
  • Auto priority levels set based on ticket category.
  • Auto notification to customers on ticket status.
  • Manage open, overdue and closed tickets.
  • Merge duplicate tickets.
  • Auto conversion of e-mail and web enquiries into tickets.
  • Built-in workflow to send case to other departments.
  • Set and track SLAs by department.
  • Set-up notifications and alerts on SLAs.
  • Built-in sms and e-mail to send personalized communications to customers such as product brochures, ticket updates etc.
  • Mini dashboard to track tickets.
  • Access customer history.
  • And more!

Help Desk Supervisor

Key Features

  • Track ticket status by team member.
  • Assign e-mail and web tickets to team.
  • Ability to close tickets at supervisor level.
  • Track SLAs by department for timely closure of tickets.
  • Listen to call recordings and track call quality.
  • Track sms and e-mail logs.
  • Manage users and permissions.
  • Manage SLAs and notification templates.
  • Manage customer communication templates.


Key Features

  • Access to a powerful dashboard with 6 standard reports. 
  • Interactive reports that can be downloaded to Excel, CSV, PDF etc.
  • Drill down filters by date range, outbound agent, products and services.




What You Get

  • Fully hosted solution
  • 80% out of the box
  • 20% configuration
  • 6-8 weeks lead time*
  • All-in licensing & maintenance
  • Training provided
  • Support help desk provided
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