Data & Analytic Services

Data has been at the heart of everything we do. We have solved countless data problems for Clients across the region using our very powerful STARDriver®CRM engine!

We love and breathe data. Our services include and are not limited to the following:

Data migration

  • Data consolidation from multiple sources and formats.
  • Mapping and merging data sets into a single repository.

Data Cleansing

  • Data cleaning engine with automated business rules to validate, standardize, deduplicate and clean data on best-effort basis.


  • Complex extraction-transformation-load services based on business requirements.

List Management

  • Extraction of lists for campaigns.
  • Response loading and tracking of results for campaigns.
  • Preparation of campaign performance reports.

Channel execution

  • Manage list execution and tracking via channels such as sms, e-mail, push notifications, OVMS, IVR, telemarketing, sales etc.


  • Customer segmentation models.
  • RFM Models.
  • Predictive modeling.

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