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Tuesday, 07 October 2014 00:00 Written by  Star Solutions

Here is a list of our 10 favorite marketing blogs to help marketers find the resources they need to build sound marketing strategies.


1. Marketing Profs

Who owns it? Ann Handley

What do they talk about? Marketing Profs is a resource designed to teach marketing about marketing. The site typically covers lots of content around of-the-moment marketing trends, and is a good place to go to find out which topics are generating a lot of buzz amongst marketers.

Where can I find it? http://www.marketingprofs.com/

Why should I read it? The authors of the articles published on Marketing Profs are all pre-screened influencers, so you know you’re not just getting another opinion, you’re getting an expert opinion. Marketers looking for industry-leading advice should check out Marketing Profs for anything and everything that comes up in their day to day requirements.


2. Briansolis.com

Who owns it? Brian Solis

What do they talk about? Solis studies and writes about the effects of emerging technology on business, marketing and culture.

Where can I find it? http://www.briansolis.com/

Why should I read it? Solis asks deep questions about the directions towards which technology pulls the forces that command our lives, and he answers them with thoughtful and informed blog articles. His blog offers a place to contemplate the future and think critically about how modern events impact societal shifts. He references leading marketing and cultural moments, such as Redbull’s content domination and the rise of the selfie, reviews books, conducts interviews, and encourages all marketers to think critically about the impacts of their campaigns.


3. Bryan Eisenburg’s Blog

Who owns it? Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenburg

What do they talk about? The Eisenburgs are professional marketing influencers and speakers, and the write articles about marketing topics for CMOs that cover everything from search and mobile metrics to lead generation.

Where can I find it? http://www.bryaneisenberg.com/

Why should I read it? Bryan Eisenburg’s blog articles use lots of concrete examples, screenshots, and crowd-sourced quotes to deliver well-researched content that paints more than just a single opinion on a variety of topics. They also focus on modern marketing tactics and offer helpful resources for marketers looking to refresh any aspects of their practices with modern tactics.


4. Chief Marketing Technologist Blog

Who owns it? Scott Brinker

What do they talk about? Scott writes about the convergence of traditional marketing and technology. He believes that brand-driven CMOs are being replaced by CMOs that understand how to select, manage, and report on the technology solutions that drive modern marketing teams, such as marketing automation and segmentation software. He uses the Chief Marketing Technologist blog to discuss where this shift is materializing and to help marketers understand the importance of technology in the modern marketing department.

Where can I find it? http://chiefmartec.com/

Why should I read it? In the last five years, marketing and IT departments have become co-dependent, and Brinker points out a growing issue for modern marketing departments: the leaders with traditional training are no longer effective leaders when technology training becomes more important than print and tv advertising, brand building, and list buying. Data-driven technologies are now prominent features of every aspect of marketing, and it’s more important than ever for marketers to keep abreast of these new technologies. Reading Brinker’s blog is a great place to start.


5. Copyblogger

Who owns it? Copyblogger Media

What do they talk about? Copyblogger resources cover anything and everything to do with content creation. They feature articles about writing headlines, conducting podcast interviews, storytelling, writing calls-to-action that convert, and tons more.

Where can I find it? http://www.copyblogger.com/blog/

Why should I read it? The Internet has turned all marketers into writers, and it’s not as simple a craft as it seems. Copyblogger offers a huge volume of resources designed to help marketers create content that sells to online audiences. Anyone tasked with brand storytelling and content marketing should bookmark the Copyblogger blog as a go-to resource.


6. Hubspot Inbound Hub

Who owns it? Hubspot

What do they talk about? Hubspot’s inbound blog features essentially endless content on anything and everything marketing related. Posts delve into specific how-to topics, and don’t shy away from trends and controversy that occurs in the industry. The inbound blog is a great one-stop-shop for knowledge about fine-tuning your business-to-business marketing strategy.

Where can I find it? http://blog.hubspot.com/

Why should I read it? Stop by the Hubspot blog when you’re stuck for ideas, need answers to specific marketing questions, and to find content you can share with your team to help them understand new concepts or practices.


7. Occam’s Razor

Who owns it? Avinash Kaushik

What do they talk about? Kaushik is a digital marketing evangelist at Google with a resume that features Intuit, SGI, and DHL. Needless to say, he’s seen some of Silicon Valley’s most visible brands build and develop digital marketing strategies. His blog is dedicated to the wisdom he’s collected over the years–most of which points to an increasingly data-driven marketing landscape.

Where can I find it? http://www.kaushik.net/avinash/

Why should I read it? There aren’t very many marketing veterans that have built their careers on the technological side of marketing, and from that pool, there are even fewer that write blogs about it. Occam’s Razor is a gem of insight about how to create, lead, and maintain data-driven marketing strategies.


8. Snarketing 2.0

Who owns it? Ron Shevlin

What do they talk about? Ron has consulted for marketing teams at leading financial services, consumer product goods, retail, and manufacturing firms for the past twenty-five years. His blog offers snarky insights on fallacies and failures across the marketing industry.

Where can I find it? http://snarketing2dot0.com/

Why should I read it? Marketers don’t like to talk about their own mistakes, so Shevlin does it for them. As this list attests, there’s no shortage of helpful marketing content online, but sometimes, it’s just as helpful to learn what not to do as it is to learn what to do. Snarketing 2.0 is a great place to learn from the mistakes of others–a practice marketers can almost always afford to adopt.


9. Social Media Examiner

Who owns it? Social Media Examiner

What do they talk about? On Social Media Examiner, you’ll find tons of articles that dissect the vast social media jungle. Social Media Examiner also goes beyond tips and tricks to explore social media strategies and how they fit into overall marketing strategies.

Where can I find it? http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/

Why should I read it? Social media examiner features articles from a wide array of writers so their readers can access broad perspectives on social media. Not every post is as good as the next, but you can always find a fresh take on anything social media related on Social Media Examiner.


10. Vidyard Video Marketing Blog

Who owns it? Vidyard

What do they talk about? The Vidyard Video Marketing Blog publishes articles that elaborate on how to build video marketing strategies, how to optimize video campaigns for conversion, and how to create compelling video content that sells products.

Where can I find it? http://www.vidyard.com/blog/

Why should I read it? There’s a lot more to video marketing than creating TV ads, but few marketing departments hire team members to focus exclusively on video campaigns. Because video content is different from text content, it requires different marketing strategies. The Vidyard blog helps marketers understand how to create successful campaigns using video content.
What are your favorite marketing blogs? Let us know in the comments!


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