Undeniably the COVID-19 disease pushed smart companies to take all the necessary steps to ensure the safety of their employees and guarantee business continuity: Sales need to happen; opportunities need to be pursued; service issues still need to be resolved; and employees still need to collaborate.

From startups to SMEs and even to the enterprise level, businesses have literally set up virtual offices to ensure business continuity and to extend the same quality support to their customers. But, what does it really take to play your cards right?

Here are five ways how a good CRM software in Malaysia can help you handle the impact of COVID-19 on your business.

Reduce missed opportunities. Most good CRM services can be easily integrated with a site’s web forms. Which means that any information completed by an online visitor can be automatically imported into the system and, combined with some workflows and automation, routed to the right person with reminders and alerts to follow up. At the very least, it ensures that data is getting into a database and not being lost in these disruptive weeks.

With so many people working remotely during these times there’s a much greater risk of things falling through the cracks when leads and inquiries come in from online. However, connecting your CRM system to your website and automating this process can significantly reduce the issue.

Bring everyone together. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic many companies adopt the work from home setups. This is truly helpful in handling the business, but the lack of face-to-face contact or in-person meetings may cause some incomplete data. By configuring a CRM software’s workflows and alerts, the people will be reminded of important tasks.

Many of today’s automated CRM and HR software systems can recognise customer emails and automatically route problems or questions to the right person, with additional steps to be taken if responses are not timely. In the event that an employee is unable to work, CRM workflows can delegate these assignments to someone else who can handle it.

Stay connected and relevant. A good CRM system in Malaysia can send out bulk emails, text messages and old-school mailers to groups of customers and others in a company’s community. By leveraging the system’s templates functionality, all communications can be consistent and delivered with one corporate message. Fully utilising both campaigns and bulk-emails in a CRM system means companies can send out tailored, personalised mass messages to specific and targeted recipients.

Easier to clean up data. Without the meetings and impromptu discussions that naturally take place in an office setting, it is likely that some people will have a little downtime. Which means it is a perfect opportunity to do some data cleaning and account management. With a CRM system, you can assign contacts and accounts to each of your employees and set objectives for getting their data cleaned and updated.

Integrated system for productivity. Now that many employees are working from home, the risk of missing out on important information, call data, notes, email history, upcoming appointments and meetings is increased. To mitigate this problem, you can fully integrate a CRM system and HR solutions to your office systems. That way everyone would be on the same page and no one is in the dark when they are talking to a prospective customer or anyone else in a company’s community.

Covid-19 will pass but the things businesses learn would not

There are still many weeks of disruption and challenges ahead of everyone, but the best run businesses will learn much from this experience and the value of leveraging technologies such as a CRM software in Malaysia. It’s an investment to grow and thrive in the years to come.

If you are looking for a reliable CRM company in Malaysia to aid your business during this lockdown period, give us a call and get a quote today.



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